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The Complete Set

Everything you need to master JavaScript.

Get every pocket guide, all of the source code and demos, and exclusive Discord access.

You’ll automatically get any new pocket guides I release in the future, completely free.

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What’s included?

  1. DOM Manipulation. Learn how to get DOM elements, manipulate them, and listen for events in the browser.
  2. Strings & Numbers. Transform and edit strings and numbers for use in modern websites and web apps.
  3. Arrays & Objects. Dive into the many modern methods for editing and transforming arrays and objects.
  4. Variables, Functions, and Scope. What are arrow functions? What’s function hoisting? What’s the difference between var, let, and const, and when should you use each?
  5. DOM Injection & Traversal. Learn how to set and get HTML, add and remove elements, climb up and down the DOM tree, and more.
  6. Browser Storage. Store data in localStorage and sessionStorage, get and set cookies, and create a local database with indexedDB.
  7. APIs & Asynchronous JS. Learn how to work with APIs and asynchronous JavaScript.
  8. Writing Libraries. Learn how to write flexible, modular, scalable libraries that grow with you and your users.
  9. ES Modules. Learn how to structure projects, import and export modular JavaScript files, and bundle your code for production.
  10. Service Workers. Learn how to build more resilient web experiences that load faster and even work offline.
  11. Web Components. Learn how to create custom HTML elements, with built-in styles, interactivity, and encapsulation.
  12. State-Based UI. Learn how to build interactive websites and web apps with state-based UI and data reactivity.
  13. Testing Vanilla JS. Learn how to test your vanilla JavaScript code with automated testing tools.
  14. Accessible Components. Build interactive components that work for everyone who uses your site or app.
  15. Serverless. Create your own APIs, microservices, and client-side web apps with serverless functions.
  16. Token-Based Authentication. Learn how to register, login, and manage user sessions with token-based authentication.
  17. Terminal & Command Line. Get comfortable with the command line and learn how to speed up development with Terminal.

🧠 Multiple formats for different learning styles. Available in streaming HD videos with captions, and written lessons in ebook format. Watch or read on any device.

Loved your book, it's become a daily reference for me. Fantastic stuff!- Chris Baughman

BONUS: Don't go it alone! Get exclusive Discord access.

You get exclusive access to my private Discord community, where you can chat with other students, get feedback on code, and ask questions to help you get unstuck and deepen your understanding of vanilla JavaScript.

This is not available for sale at any price, and my students regularly tell me it's one of the most valuable things that comes with the guides.

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  • Learn how to write resumes that get seen by an actual human, navigate the interview process, and more with my Web Developer Career Guide. Valued at $39.
  • Watch my webinar on my favorite vanilla JS methods, browser APIs, and coding techniques. Valued at $39.
  • Get access to 8 bonus projects normally only available to Vanilla JS Academy alumni. Valued at $99.
  • Read my manifesto on building a simpler, more resilient web, The Lean Web, in downloadable ebook format. Valued at $29.
  • Get a copy of the Best of Go Make Things, a collection of some of the best articles from my newsletter. Valued at $19.

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The cheat sheet and the ability to ask questions on Slack were worth the price of the book alone.- David Buchholz

Go from beginner to JavaScript expert

  • Learn modern best practices and code patterns.
  • Spend less time Googling and more time working on cool stuff.
  • Get the skills and confidence to really understand JavaScript.
  • Follow a learning path or jump around based on your needs.
  • Work on real projects and build your portfolio.

A Sample Lesson

How to get data from an API with the fetch() method.

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Hi, I'm Chris Ferdinandi. 👋

Chris Ferdinandi

I help people learn vanilla JavaScript, and I believe there’s a simpler, more resilient way to make things for the web.

I’ve taught developers at organizations like Salesforce and the Boston Globe, and my JavaScript libraries have been used by organizations like Apple and Harvard Business School. My developer tips newsletter is read by over 14k developers each weekday.

I want to help you master vanilla JavaScript, without all of the painful false starts and roadblocks I encountered when I was learning.

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Get everything you need to master vanilla JavaScript, and save more than 40%. If purchased individually, these pocket guides would cost a lot more.

  • The Pocket Guides (in ebook format, streaming HD video, or both)
    • DOM Manipulation
    • Strings & Numbers
    • Arrays & Objects
    • Variables, Functions, and Scope
    • DOM Injection & Traversal
    • Browser Storage
    • APIs & Asynchronous JS
    • Writing Libraries
    • ES Modules
    • Service Workers
    • Web Components
    • State-Based UI
    • Testing Vanilla JS
    • Accessible Components
    • Serverless
    • Token-Based Authentication
    • Terminal & Command Line
  • The Source Code & Demos
  • Exclusive Discord Access
  • FREE Updates for Life

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If you’re a beginner, or just looking to fill in some knowledge gaps, the Vanilla JavaScript Pocket Guides from Chris Ferdinandi are clear, informative and to the point. Cannot recommend enough!- Dino Koutrouzas

I've been stuck on the same JavaScript project for AGES, but I'm so happy because I've finally managed to finish it all thanks to Chris Ferdinandi!

I found out about him, signed up for his daily newsletter and bought his Vanilla JS Guides. I'm so glad I did because I've only worked through two of the guides and yet he's COMPLETELY changed the way I think about JavaScript.

Putting everything he's taught me into practice, I managed to rewrite the project over a weekend! He was even kind enough to personally help me on Slack with an aspect I was particularly struggling with... I SERIOUSLY recommend checking him out! 😄

- Kieran Barker
Chris’s pocket guides are great. I definitely recommend picking them up if you’re learning or interested in learning Vanilla JavaScript.- Scott Tirrell
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it had not been for you, I would not be able to learn JavaScript.- Patricia Parker
Wanting to learn JavaScript from scratch, make the transition from jQuery or some other library? Already pretty competent and just want to get better?

Chris Ferdinandi has got your back and his learning platform is a *tremendously good value*.- Jonathan Schofield

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the pocket guides include new ES6 methods?

Yes. Where applicable, I cover new ES6 functions and browser APIs. I also include polyfills when available to push browser support as far back as possible.

What happens if I buy a pocket guide and you release an update? Do I get free updates?

Yes, you get free updates for life. You'll get an email letting you know whenever new content is available.

Do you offer any discounts?

Absolutely! There are three discount programs available:

  1. Student Discount. This applies to anyone in any type of schooling, including evening classes and coding bootcamps. Learn more about student discounts.
  2. Under-Represented Groups in Tech. I've had a lot of helping getting where I am, and I want to pay it forward. If you're a member of an under-represented group in tech, you can get special pricing. Learn more about discounts for under-represented groups in tech.
  3. Location-Based Pricing. I totally get that in some countries salaries and cost of living are such that the Vanilla JS Pocket Guides are unaffordable. These should show up automatically at checkout, but if they don't, send me an email at, and I'll send you a discount to make it fair for where you live.
If I buy just one guide and love it, can I upgrade to a bundle? What if I buy the ebooks and decide I want the videos, too?

Absolutely. Just send me an email at

I'll upgrade you to the bundle or format you want. You'll only have to pay the difference in price between what you purchased and the bundle or format you want.

How do I access my pocket guides and videos?

Visit and create an account with the email address you used to make your purchase.

You can download your guides at any time, and stream your video courses from any device. You can also download the videos for offline viewing.

Do I need any special tools or equipment?

All you need to work with the source code and projects is a modern web browser and a text editor (I recommend VS Code). The pocket guides come in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML formats, so you can read it on any device you own. The videos can be streamed on any device.

Do I need any prior knowledge or experience to learn vanilla JavaScript?

Ideally you're comfortable working with HTML and CSS already. Experience with another library or framework (like jQuery, React, and so on) is helpful but not required. If you're brand new to JavaScript, the guides are a great resource! If you have any specific questions, though, please email me at

Are there any rules or requirements around the Slack team?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old, and read and agree to follow the Code of Conduct.

Do you have a return policy?

Absolutely! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the pocket guide, email me at and I’ll give you a full refund.

I have another question.

No problem! Send me an email at

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God, you're amazing... I'm learning so much from you.- Mojtaba Seyedi, Front End Developer
Ever wanted to ditch jQuery but not sure how? This book by Chris Ferdinandi will set you on the right path.- Jeremy Green

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